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Equality Policy

1. As an equal opportunities employer, our policy is that no employee or applicant for employment will receive less favourable treatment than another person on the grounds of their race, (including colour, nationality, ethnic or national origin), religion or religious belief, sex, marital status, gender reassignment, sexual orientation, trade union membership, pregnancy and maternity, age or disability. No employee or applicant for employment will be discriminated against or disadvantaged by any condition or requirement that is not justified by the genuine needs of the job or the organisation. We recognise the nine protected characteristics of the Equality Act 2010 and apply the provisions of the Act in full in all areas of our organisation.


2. This policy is relevant to all areas of employment, but in particular in relation to:


* Recruitment and selection processes, practices and procedures within the company

* Job descriptions and job specifications in all areas

* Training and career development opportunities available to all employees

* Terms and conditions of employment for all employees

* Access to employee benefits and facilities

* Application of all policies and procedures including grievance, disciplinary and redundancy policies or procedures


3. We view this policy as an important issue as it covers all of our employees, regardless of position or status, and also applies to contractors and sub-contractors.


4. It is the responsibility of all employees to ensure its observance. Any breaches of this policy will be treated extremely seriously by the company. Conduct by employees during the course of their employment that constitutes discrimination on the above grounds, will be considered to be gross misconduct and will lead to dismissal.


5. We will review this policy on a regular basis and will implement changes where necessary to improve equality of opportunity. This commitment applies to all of our employment policies and procedures, across our organisation, not just those specifically connected with equal opportunities. We will ensure this policy is reviewed to take account the development of systems for information recording, monitoring and employee training.


6. To achieve these aims, the company intends to take steps to ensure that the principles of this policy dictate our strategy and all policies and procedures are regularly monitored and reviewed.


7. We will monitor diversity at every stage of employment to minimise the risk of any direct or indirect discrimination. We will challenge and investigate discriminatory behaviour and enforce the disciplinary procedure, when this is considered necessary.


8. Our intention is to communicate and regularly review the positive initiatives that have been implemented. The company intends to support and uphold the communities in which we live and work to ensure that we are involved and to ensure that the company keeps abreast of the necessary issues and best practice.

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