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It's Our 7th Birthday!

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

It’s hard to believe that 7 years ago ER Recruitment was born. Out of a small office at home with two desks, two phones and a handful of loyal clients it is incredible to see how far the Eileen Richards Recruitment brand has come and the fantastic successes we have achieved as a team so far.

As many of our future workforce head back into school today after a significant period of change, we too feel like nervous and excited students heading into year 7 at our first year of secondary school. Despite literally having ‘been there done that’ before, this time it’s different, we’re fondly moving on from year 6 and hitting year 7 off with a fresh new start – a rebrand!

At team ER, we continue to evolve, adapt and stay ahead and therefore so should our branding! Since we established 7 years ago, so much has changed and whilst our core values remain at our centre, naturally as we have expanded, our position, identity and services have progressed and we believe our new branding really showcases who we are as a team and the value we add to our candidates, clients, partners and community.

Our team is built up of an array of personalities, skills and experience but one of our common denominators is we love to have fun and celebrate successes! This year, like many other organisations, our birthday celebrations will be incredibly different but with the excitement of a re-brand we’ll be “cheersing” to what we have achieved in the year that’s passed and look forward to the projects, success and fun that await us in year 7!

Keep your eyes peeled for our re-brand announcement very soon, and perhaps even a goodie or two, when we’re celebrating we want to share it with you! Thank you to each of the candidates, clients and partners, who have supported us on our journey so far we look forward to continuing to work together!

Here’s to a new yearbook…

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